The Universal Herbal: Bidens Tripartita; Trifid Water Hemp Agrimony, or Bur Marygold.

The Universal Herbal;
or botanical, medical and agricultural dictonary.
Containing an account of All the known Plants in the World, arranged according to the Linnean system. Specifying the uses to which they are or may be applied, whether as food, as medicine, or in the arts and manufactures.
With the best methods of propagation, and the most recent agricultural improvements.
collected from indisputable Authorities.
Adapted to the use of the farmer - the gardener - the husbandman - the botanist - the florist - and country housekeepers in general.
By Thomas Green.
Vol. I
Printed at the Caxton Press by Henri Fisher.
Printer in Ordinary to His Majesty.
Leaves trifid; calices somewhat leafy; seeds erect; root annual. — This plant dyes a deep yellow: the yarn or thread must be first steeped in alum-water, then dried and steeped in a decoction of the plant, and afterwards boiled in the decoction. The seeds have been sometimes known to destroy gold fish by adhering to their gills and jaws. As it is found by a chemical analysis to possess much the same qualities as verbesina acmella, it is probable that it might have the same good effects in expelling the stone and gravel: it grows readily in wet situations.

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