Dictionarium polygraphicum. (Lead.) There are various preparations of Lead...

Dictionarium Polygraphicum:
Or, The Whole Body of Arts Regularly Digested.
Vol II.
London: Printed for C. Hitch and C. Davis in Pater-noster Row, and S. Austen in St. Paul's Church Yard. MDCCXXXV.
There are various preparations of Lead, serving for various uses; as

Lead-dust is a preparation us'd by potters, made by throwing charcoal-dust on melted Lead, and stirring them a long time together; to separate the coal again, they only wash it in water, and dry it afresh; the use of it is to give a varnish and gloss to their works.

White Lead us'd by painters is only thin plates of Lead, dissolv'd by the fumes of boiling vinegar.

Masticotes of several colours, and the sandix are also preparations of Lead.

Red Lead is a preparation of mineral Lead calcin'd, us;d by painters, posters, &c.

Litharge of gold or silver is only the Lead that has been us'd in purifying copper.

Black-Lead is a kind of mineral stone, of a black colour, but silvered and shining, found in Lead mines, and appears to be nothing else but Lead, not yet arrived at maturity, much us'd as crayons or pencils for designing.
This is melted like the common Lead.

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