Dictionarium polygraphicum. The making original colours.

Dictionarium Polygraphicum:
Or, The Whole Body of Arts Regularly Digested.
Vol I.
London: Printed for C. Hitch and C. Davis in Pater-noster Row, and S. Austen in St. Paul's Church Yard. MDCCXXXV.
To make white Lead.
Put into an earthen pot or crucible several plates of fine Lead, cover them with white wine vinegar, covering the top of the pot close with clay; then bury it in a cellar for seven or eight weeks, and you will have a good white lead upon the plates, which wipe off.

To make Verdegrease.
Hang plates of copper over the fumes of aqua fortis or spirit of nitre, or dip them in the same or in vinegar.

To make an Emerald Colour.
Powder verdegrease very fine, temper it with varnish, and lay it upon a ground of liquid silver burnisht, and it will look like a fair Emerald.

To make a Ruby Colour.
Mix varnish with Florence lake, and it will make a very fair colour.

To make a sapphire Colour.
Mix verdegrease and ultramarine with varnish, and it will make a glorious sapphire.

To make a Crimson Velvet.
Mix turnsole with Indian lake (well ground with gum and sugar candy) lay it on full, and when it is wet, wipe away the colour with a dry pencil, where you would have the heightening of the Crimson Velvet appear, and the stronger reflection will be well express'd.

To make a silver black.
Take fine silver filings of plates, and dissolve them in spirit of nitre or aqua fortis, and evaporate to driness, or precipitate cum oleo sulphuris or salt water, and you will have a snow white precipitate, which mixt with water makes the best black in the world, for dying all manner of hair, bones, horns, woods, metals, &c.

To make a Murrey or Amethyst.
This is made by grinding Indian lake with gum arabick water only.

To make Red or Ruby for limning.
This also is made of Indian lake (which breaks of a scarlet colour) ground with gum water and sugar candy.

To make azure Blue or sapphire.
You may make this of ultramarine of Venice (which is the best) the best blue smalt, or blue bice ground with gum water only; also good shadowing blues may be made of indigo, for, and litmose, all which need no washing, nor litmose no grinding, but only to be infus'd in a lixivium of soap-ashes.

To make a Green or Emerald.
Make it of cedar green instead of which take green bice to draw with; pink is good also for landscapes, mix’d with bice ashes, as also with masticote and ceruss.

To make a Yellow or Topaz.
Take masticote, of which there are divers forts, viz. deeper and paler. Also yellow oker may do for want of better, shadow masticote with yellow oker, deepen it with oker de luce.

To make ultramarine.
Take lapis lazuli of the deepest colour (having few veins of gold upon it) put it into a crucible, cover it close, heat it red hot, then quench it in urine, vinegar or water, in an earthen pot with a lid; dry it well, then nip off the hard, gray and whitest part from it, with a pair of pincers; then grind the remainder with honey'd water, as fine as may be, and dry it for use.
The honey'd water is made by boiling two spoonfuls of honey in a quart of water.

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