Dictionarium polygraphicum. Lake.

Dictionarium Polygraphicum:
Or, The Whole Body of Arts Regularly Digested.
Vol II.
London: Printed for C. Hitch and C. Davis in Pater-noster Row, and S. Austen in St. Paul's Church Yard. MDCCXXXV.
LAKE, comes next after CRIMSON, and is good for shadeing and heightening Carmine. But you must take notice of this, that in laying of carmine upon a print, you must touch your lights only with a very thin teint of it, that can scarcely be discerned; and lay it on strong, just upon that part of the light which enters upon the shade; and afterwards lay some lake on the stronger part of the shade.

Lake is to be had ready prepared in shells for water-colours, and is sold in some colour-pops.

To make a fine LAKE.
Take half a pound of good Brazil, boil it in three pints of lye, made of the ashes of vine-sprigs, till it behalf evaporated, then let it settle, and strain it off.
Then boil it again with fresh Brazil a quarter of a pound, of Cochineal 2 pounds, and terra merit a half an ounce; adding to it a pint of fair water; let it boil till it be half evaporated, as before; then set it by to settle, and strain it. But when you take it off the fire, put in half an ounce of burnt-alum reduced to an impalpable powder; let it dissolve, stirring it with a stick, and add to it a quarter of a dram of arsenick.
In order to give it a body, reduce 2 cuttle-fish bones to a fine powder, and put in the powder, and leave it to dry up at leisure, and then grind it with a good quantity of fair-water, in which leave it to steep; and afterwards strain it through a cloth, and make it up into small tablets or cakes, and set it to dry on a card or paste-board.
If you would have this lake redder, add to it lemon-juice,and if you would have it deeper, add to it oil of tartar.

Another LAKE.
Boil shavings or shearings of scarlet in a lye of the ashes of burnt tartar, or oil of tartar; this lye having the quality of separating the scarlet; when it has boil'd enough, take it off, and add to it cochineal, mastick in powder, and a little roch-alum; then boil them again all together, and while it is hot, strain it 2 or3 times through a jelly-bag; the first: time squeezing the bag from top to bottom with 2 sticks, then take out what remains behind in the bag, and wash it welli then pasi the liquor you expresi'd with the sticks through the bag again, and you will find a paste sticking to the sides of the bag, which you may either spread out upon a paste-board, or divide into small parcels upon paper, and set it by to dry.

To make Columbine LAKE.
Steep half a pound of the finest Brasil wood of Fernambouc, rasp'd in 3 pints of the most subtilly distill'd vinegar, for at least a month; and if it be for 6 weeks, it will be the better. After which, boil all in balueo mariæ, 3 or 4 wabbles up, and leave it for a day or two; after which, put a quarter part of alum powder into a very clean earthen pan, and strain the liquor upon it through a cloth, and so let it remain for a day; then heat the whole 'till it simmers, and leaving it again for 24 hours, reduce 2 cuttle fish-bones into powder, and having warm'd the liquor, pour it in upon them; then keep stirring the whole with a stick 'till it is cool, and leave it again for 24 hours before you strain it. Remember that it must be first strained upon the alum, before it is poured upon the cuttle-fish bone.

The marc or dregs of COLUMBINE LAKE.
To make a fine purple colour, besides the carmine for oil and distemper, take the marc or dregs of the columbine lake, which subsides with the cuttle-fish bone, and dry it and grind it; and there will be no fine Lake so splendid: and if it be mixt with Lake, there will be an addition made to its body.

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