A Dictionary of Arts: Queen's Yellow. Quercitron.

A Dictionary of Arts, Manufactures, and Mines; containing A Clear Exposition of Their Principles and Practice

by Andrew Ure, M. D.;
F. R. S. M. G. S. Lond.: M. Acad. M. S. Philad.; S. PH. DOC. N. GERM. Ranow.; Mulh. Etc. Etc.

Illustrated with nearly fifteen hundred engravings on wood
Eleventh American, From The Last London Edition.
To which is appended, a Supplement of Recent Improvements to The Present Time.

New York: D Appleton & company, 200 Broadway. Philadelphia: George S. Appleton, 148 Chestnut St.


QUEEN'S YELLOW is an ancient name of Turbith Mineral, or yellow subsulphate of mercury.

QUERCITRON is the bark of the Quercus nigra, or yellow oak, a tree which grows in North America. The colouring principle of this yellow dye-stuff has been called Quercitrin, by its discoverer Chevreul. It forms small pale yellow spangles, like those ofAurum musivum, has a faint acid reaction, is pretty soluble in alcohol, hardly in ether, and little in water. Solution of alum developes from it, by degrees, a beautiful yellow dye. SEE CALICO-PRINTING and YELLOW DYE.

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