A New Supplement...: Varnish.

A New Supplement to the latest Pharmacopoeias of London, Edinburgh, Dublin, and Paris, Forming A Complete Dispendatory, Conspectus, and Dictionary of Medical Chemistry, Giving All the Old and New Names, Including the New French and American Medicines, and Poisons; with Symptoms, Treatment, and Tests; as Well As Herbs, Drugs, Compounds, Veterinary Drugs, With the Pharmacopoia of the Vetenary College, Nostrums, Patent Medicines, Perfumery, Paints, Varnishes, And similar articles kept in the Shops; With Their Compositions, Imitations, Adulterations, And Medicinal Uses, Being a General Book of Formulæ and Recipes For Daily Reference in the Laboratory and at the Counter.
Fourth edition, corrected, improved, and very much enlarged.
By James Rennie, M. A., Editor of the Quarterly Journal of Foreign Medicine; the Pharmacopeia Universalis; Author of a Conspectus of Prescriptions in Medicine, Surgery, and Midwifery; the Pharmacopeia Imperialis, &c. &c.
London: Baldwin and Cradock. 1837.
London: Thomas Curson Hansard, Paternoster Row.

VARNISH. A term applied to an extensive class of compositions, which give polish and brilliancy to wood and other substanes. The varnishes used for metals are called LACQUERS, which see.

Balloon Varnish. See CAOUTCHOUC.

Black Varnish. Take 3ij of lamp-black, 3iv of yellow resin, 3viij of gum sandarac, and Oiv of rectified spirit; melt, mix, and make a varnish.

Or, for old straw, or chip hats. Take 3ss of black sealing-wax, powder it, and digest in 3ij of rectified spirit in a sand-heat. Lay it on warm with a soft brush before the fire.

Caoutchouc Varnish. See CAOUTCHOUC.

Copal Varnishes are made in various ways. The best is made cold by dissolving pure copal in essence of rosemary, and then adding a little alcohol, letting it stand to settle, and pouring off the clear liquid. This does for wood, pasteboard, paintings, metal, &c. See COPAL.

Crystal Varnish is a solution of 3iij of mastich in Oj of rectified spirit.

Furniture Varnish. See POLISH. Or, dissolve lbiij of resin, lbij of turpentine, and Ox of linseed oil, over a slow fire, and, if too thick, soften it with oil of turpentine.

Indian Varnish is composed of 3v each of shell and seed lac, dissolved in Oij of rectified spirit.

Italian Varnish is Venice turpentine boiled till it become brittle, when it is finely powdered, and dissolved in oil of turpentine.

Mastich Varnish is composed of 3 each of shell and seed lac, dissolved in Oij of rectified spirit.

Painter's Cream is prepared by dissolving 3ss of mastich in tears, pulverized in 3iij of nut oil; add this to a third of an ounce of acetate of lead, in a marble mortal, and stir, adding gradually a little water, till it becomes creamy.

Picture Varnish is made by dissolving 3xij of mastich, 3ijs of Venice turpentine, gr. xxx of camphor, and Oiijss of oil of turpentine together, and pouring off the clear liquor from the dregs. Or, 3j of mastich in drops, Oss of very clear oil of turpentine, and 3iij of nut oil without colour.

Print Varnish is made by adding lbj of copal in powder by single ounces per day to lbiv of balsam of copaiba, keeping in a warm place, and frequently stirring. When dissolved, add a portion of Chio turpentine. (Le Blond.)

Red Varnish is made with mastich, benzoin, sandarac, seed-lac, turpentine, and rectified spirits, dissolved in the usual way.

Spirit Varnishes are all those made with rectified spirit.

Tamao Varnish. Dissolve gum copal by digestion, in a gentle heat, in linseed oil rendered drying by quick lime, and dilute with oil of turpentine.

Tamao Varnish. Made with 3ij of very clear gum copa, Oj of spirit of wine.

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