A New Supplement...: T. Tannin. Terre verte. Turnsol.

A New Supplement to the latest Pharmacopoeias of London, Edinburgh, Dublin, and Paris, Forming A Complete Dispendatory, Conspectus, and Dictionary of Medical Chemistry, Giving All the Old and New Names, Including the New French and American Medicines, and Poisons; with Symptoms, Treatment, and Tests; as Well As Herbs, Drugs, Compounds, Veterinary Drugs, With the Pharmacopoia of the Vetenary College, Nostrums, Patent Medicines, Perfumery, Paints, Varnishes, And similar articles kept in the Shops; With Their Compositions, Imitations, Adulterations, And Medicinal Uses, Being a General Book of Formulæ and Recipes For Daily Reference in the Laboratory and at the Counter.
Fourth edition, corrected, improved, and very much enlarged.
By James Rennie, M. A., Editor of the Quarterly Journal of Foreign Medicine; the Pharmacopeia Universalis; Author of a Conspectus of Prescriptions in Medicine, Surgery, and Midwifery; the Pharmacopeia Imperialis, &c. &c.
London: Baldwin and Cradock. 1837.
London: Thomas Curson Hansard, Paternoster Row.

TANNIN is the astringent principle of vegetables, and may be obtained in an impure form by digesting gall-nuts bruised, grape-seeds, oak bark, or catechu, in a small quantity of cold distilled water, and evaporating to dryness. WIth isinglass or any other animal jhelly it forms leather. See GALLIC ACID.

TERRE VERTE. A blueish green ochre containing an oxide of iron. It is rather hard, smooth, not bright, but durable as an oil colour. (FIELD.)

TURNSOL. Another name for LITMUS, which see.

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