A New Supplement...: F. Flake white. Flash. Flux. Franfort black. French green. French red. Fustic.

A New Supplement to the latest Pharmacopoeias of London, Edinburgh, Dublin, and Paris, Forming A Complete Dispendatory, Conspectus, and Dictionary of Medical Chemistry, Giving All the Old and New Names, Including the New French and American Medicines, and Poisons; with Symptoms, Treatment, and Tests; as Well As Herbs, Drugs, Compounds, Veterinary Drugs, With the Pharmacopoia of the Vetenary College, Nostrums, Patent Medicines, Perfumery, Paints, Varnishes, And similar articles kept in the Shops; With Their Compositions, Imitations, Adulterations, And Medicinal Uses, Being a General Book of Formulæ and Recipes For Daily Reference in the Laboratory and at the Counter.
Fourth edition, corrected, improved, and very much enlarged.
By James Rennie, M. A., Editor of the Quarterly Journal of Foreign Medicine; the Pharmacopeia Universalis; Author of a Conspectus of Prescriptions in Medicine, Surgery, and Midwifery; the Pharmacopeia Imperialis, &c. &c.
London: Baldwin and Cradock. 1837.
London: Thomas Curson Hansard, Paternoster Row.

FLAKE WHITE. A pigment, consisting of carbonate, or white oxide of lead, prepared by hnaging sheets of lead over evaporating vinegar, the vessel containing the vinegar being placed in a steam-bath. It is in form of scales, sometimes grey on the surface. When levigated it is termed Body White. (Field.)

FLASH. A preparation sold by brewer's druggist, to colour brandy and sum, and to give them fictitious stregth. It is prepared by making an extract of cayenne pepper or capsicum, and adding to it burnt sugar.

FLUX, in the arts, a composition to assist the fusion of metals, usually made with borax, tartar, nitre, hydrochlorate of ammonia, common salt, glass, &c., in varying proportions.
Black Flux consists of white flux detonated by means of kindled charcoal in a mortar slightly covered, when the smoke unites with the alkalized nitre and the tartar, rendering it black.
Cornish Reducing Flux. Mix well together 3x of tartar, 3iijss of nitre, and 3iij and 3j of borax.
Cornish Refining Flux. Deflagrate, and then powder, two parts of nitre and one part of tartar.
White Flux. One part of nitre and two parts of tartar well mixed together.

FRANKFORT BLACK, in the arts, is said to be made from the lees of wine, after washing and burning out the tartar. It may also be made from vine twigs and tendrils, and of inferior quality from box wood or ebony charcoal levigated. It is chiefly used in copperplate printing, being stronger than ivory black, and deepening on exposure to light. (Field.)

FRENCH GREEN, in the arts, a preparation of copper.

FRENCH RED, or ROUGE, for the toilette. Take 3j of genuine carmine, light in weight and strong in colour, mix it with very finely-sifted starch powder, according to the shade required, and tempering the colour by the eye, which will be assisted by laying it on sheets of black paper.

FUSTIC, a dye stuff, procured from the fruit of the Morux Xanthoxylum, or dyer's mulberry.

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